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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Listings 9

The last "New Listings" post was on May 9th. Here are the blogs that were submitted and listed since then.

The first group lists blogs that are still active:

The Two Cents

Software Testing Zone

Coconut Girl Wireless

A Weird But Passionate World In South Africa

Soekershof; the 'scientific' backup

Andrew Owns Agloco


NiggyBuzz Blog

Pastel Creations


Random Thoughts From The Rockies


Creative UAE

Melancholy Musings

Two Write Hands

One Man's Travel Blog

Some blogs have removed their BBD links. I may delist them.

The following blogs were listed and have disappeared or have not been updated:

  • Island Bird Rambles
  • Tech 4 Novices
  • i dedicate...
  • Fishing For Big Sharks
  • All Of Fun