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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blog Finding Resources

This is a list of blogs, blog aggregators, and blog directories. It's purpose is to help people find blogs to read.

I have selected smaller less known websites because the big directories can be found easily. Furthermore, these smaller sites are often better maintained than the 'mega' sites.

I will be updating this list fairly often. I have several sites to check out to fill the blank sections.

Directories listing BBD are marked with (L).

Updated: June 11/07


Amatomu - "tracks the South African blogosphere".

Afrigator - is a social media aggregator and directory for African blogs.

Best Of The Arab Blogs

Blog Africa

Desi Blogs - Indian Blog Directory.

Kenyan Blogs Aggregator - there is a list of member blogs in the sidebar.


The Australian Index



2000 Bloggers - an eclectic mix of blogs.

Blog Catalog (L)

Expat-blog - worldwide expatriate blog directory.

Global Voices Online - serves as "an international community of bloggers who want to communicate with the broader world." Check out the blog and the World Blog Aggregator.

Globe Of Blogs - See review.


Best Blog on WordPress - a blog review site for

The Creative Blog Directory - not all of the blogs listed are linked. Overall the listed blogs are current and the site is being updated.

Garden Blog Directory

Gardening Blog Directory

Gay Blog Directory

Mr Joe Blog's Blog! - has many interviews with bloggers.

Museum Blogs - a museum and exhibit blog directory.

Photarium - a blog directory that uses tags to classify blogs. See review. (L)

SOB A-Z Directory - Successful Blog's list of outstanding blogs. (L)

Sports Blogs

Super Blog Directory - find blogs by subject. See review.(L)

North America:

BC Bloggers - is a blog aggregator and directory for British Columbians.

BC Blogs - is an aggregator and blogroll of (mostly) political blogs. The sidebar has a comprehensive collection of regional and political blog aggregators and blogrolls.

Opinions Canada

SoCon Blogs - a Canadian social conservative blog aggregator.

The Canadian Blog Exchange - a very active site. Many, but not all, of the blogs are political. (L)


Catholic Blog Directory - over 900 blogs. - a Jewish and Israeli blog aggregator.

South America:


Metroblogging - an international network of urban blogs.