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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Update: A Blogger's Confession

Getting back into this blog project has been very difficult. This has always been a work heavy blog because of the rules I set for submissions and for myself.

I began to feel the strain in May. Keeping up with blog news and dealing with so many inappropriate submissions may have been possible if I had stayed motivated. All my blogs suffered and I went from maintaining five to struggling with my personal blog and neglecting this one.

I even started a blog about one of my hobbies to make sure I keep blogging. I didn't need another blog - I needed something I enjoyed to blog about.

When you go public with any venture and say "use my service" you lose control of time. Other people don't wait for you to be motivated, or well, or not busy. They operate on their time and hope it coincides with yours. Lately I have been merely reacting rather than being proactive.

I don't want this blog/directory to die but I hate it being in limbo like this. I have two things to do (at least) to keep this blog going:

  • Clean out dead blogs and links.
  • Resume reviewing and posting submissions.

I don't want to add anything new until I can get the current situation fixed. So:

No new submissions will be reviewed for posting until further notice.