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Monday, March 05, 2007

Submission Guidelines

What Is Big Blog Directory?

  • Big Blog Directory is both a blog and a blog directory.
  • Big Blog Directory uses Blogger labels (tags) to categorize blogs.
  • BBD Blog contains news, information, and tutorials for bloggers.
  • BBD is as much of a community as members want it to be. They can participate in activities or ignore them. They can ask for help with blogging - all I ask is that they help others too.

Linking To BBD
  1. Links to BBD are mandatory.
  2. Read this post if you need help linking.
  3. Text links should read "Big Blog Directory".
  4. Links must point to
  5. Links should be in the sidebar, footer, or designated links page - not buried in a post.
  6. If there is a reason your blog cannot link to BBD let me know. I will make exceptions if needed.
  7. When you send in your submission tell me where I can find the link.

Submission Process
  1. Read Submit Your Blog and follow the directions.
  2. If your blog is acceptable AND links to BBD it will be listed in 24-48 hours. Don't wait for an email or comment before linking.
  3. If your blog is unacceptable I will contact you and explain why.

What Is An Acceptable Blog?

I don't worry too much what type of blog you write or whether I like it personally. I believe all blogs are equal and worth reading. That being said I won't list blogs that advocate violence, racism, homophobia, or illegal activities.

Blogs with 'Adult' themes may be acceptable as long as there is no pornography. I want to keep BBD accessible to everyone.

If your blog has lots of annoying features like popups, music that starts automatically, or unreadable text: I might not list it. If your blog locks up my browser or sets off my virus scanner it wont be listed. To be listed a blog has to be accessible.

One of the important things to remember is that only current blogs are listed in BBD. Blogs that are dormant for 60 days have their listings removed. Dormant blogs will not be listed.

Updated: April 8, 07