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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I just finished editing and rewriting the three (so far) administrative posts in the blog. I added a disclaimer to the Introduction, cleaned up the Labels, and added an example to "Submit Your Blog".

I changed the email address to: (Remove the 'REMOVETHIS' before using it of course. I hate spam!)


I started Firemind in 2003 and have written over 1100 posts in the blog. Firemind is a personal blog and features posts about my life. I write about books, blogging, writing, and whatever else I feel like. I post photographs I have taken and sometimes link to interesting videos.

Big Blog Directory

Big Blog Directory is both a blog and a blog directory. Each blog is assigned labels (tags) which readers use to find the content they are interested in.Use BBD to find interesting blogs to read or to promote your own blog.

The service is free but you must link back to the blog.

Submit Your Blog

If you wish to list your blog in this directory post a comment below or send an email with the following information:

Blog Name: (The name of your blog.)

Blog URL: (The full url of your blog.)

Description: (One or two paragraphs only please. This is what will appear in your listing.)

Labels: (List which labels you want associated with your blog. See Labels.)

You can use up to ten labels. Try to pick the best words to describe your blog.

BBD Link: Let me know where the link to BBD can be found. Links are now mandatory.

Example: Here is the Big Blog Directory listing.

Update: Links are now mandatory. (Feb. 25/07)

Update: Submissions are not being accepted at the moment. (Jan 2008)


Here are some examples of the types of labels you can use.

Content Labels - use these to define your blog.

adult - adult content
animation - you post animations and/or write about them.
blogging - you write about blogs and blogging.
books - you write about books.
local - you write about your town or region.
musicblog - you write about music, and musicians. You may include mp3 files.
personal - you write about your life.
photoblog - you post lots of photos.
podcasts - some or all of your posts include podcasts.

Location Labels




Reserved Labels

These labels are reserved for administration purposes:

# - this label is used to keep track of all the blogs listed in the directory.
bbd blog - refers to posts in the 'BBD Blog' aspect of this site.
bbd-notes - information about this blog/directory.
bbd-spotlight - feature posts focusing on blogs listed in the directory.

Starred Labels are labels used in the bbd blog. For example a post discussing group blogs would be labelled *groupblogs.

Alphanumeric Labels are used to index blogs. I will add them to posts to help people can find specific blogs. Please try not to use these when adding labels to your submission.


Current Labels in use: (Feb. 10/07)

Current Labels 0-9 And A-K

Current Labels L-Z


Welcome to the Big Blog Directory.

I first experimented with a blog directory using Wordpress. I liked being able to categorize each blog using keywords but didn't like other aspects of Wordpress such as dealing with spam.

Blogger is my blog program of choice but it lacked the ability to assign tags or keywords. This could be overcome in part by using Technorati tags but I found this unsatisfactory.

Now that Blogger uses Labels (tags) I can create the blog directory I had envisioned earlier.

I will only add blogs that are being updated and will remove those that fall dormant for more than 60 days.

This is a "work in progress" and some aspects of this project will change over time.

This blog/directory is licensed under Creative Commons.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the content of blogs listed in this directory.