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Friday, June 08, 2007

SA Blog Round Up Part 3

In Part 1 I wrote a brief introduction and mentioned SA blogs listed in this directory. I also mentioned posts contributed by participating BBD listed blogs. In Part 2 of the roundup I looked at the South African Blog Scene. This post will mention contributions from other participants and offer some concluding remarks.

Some More Participating Blogs

Blog round up from Adventures in London Above.

South African Blog Roundup from Peak People: An inside look.

I hate Afro-optimism from Red Star Coven. Walton later wrote Why SA Rocks.

Is SA Rocks bullshit? from Neverness. This was written as a response to the Red Star Coven post and was reprinted at SA Rocks. Since it fits the theme of the roundup I have included it here.

(The contributions from SA Rocks and Protocolinpractice can be found in part 1).

Concluding Remarks

This concludes the first South African Blog Roundup. This project has been fun but also difficult. Things didn't go as planned but several bloggers got together and blogged about common themes. I consider this an important success because two of the mandates of BBD are to encourage blogging and encourage cybersocial interaction.

I hope readers of these posts learned something about blogging in South Africa and found some new blogs to read.

I would like to thank the bloggers who participated in the roundup. I would especially like to thank Nic Haralambous for his ideas and encouragement.