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Saturday, May 26, 2007

SA Blog Round Up Part 1

Welcome to the South African Blog Roundup co-hosted with SA Rocks. I wanted to have a special SA roundup because many South Africans took the time to list their blogs with BBD. Another reason is that I have been following the SA blog scene since last fall and find it interesting.

This post will list some of the South African blogs found in Big Blog Directory. Blogs that participate in the roundup will have additional information added to their link. I will update this post over the next few days.

Part 2 will look at "The South African Blog Scene".

Part 3 will look at other participating blogs and offer some concluding remarks.

Have a look at the listings and check out the blogs. You might find something you like.


South African Blogs

A Designer's Ramblings

A Weird But Passionate World In South Africa

Musings from a jam jar

Protocolinpractice has contributed: South African Blog Roundup.


SA Rocks posted the roundup introduction. Nic also posted a mini roundup of his own: SA Roundup Featuring Some Stuff.

Soekershof; the 'scientific' backup

South African Cricket Scene