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Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Blogging

I browsed BBD blogs to see what people were posting about Easter. Here are some of the interesting posts I found.

Things started out strange when I visited Popped Culture on Good Friday. Suddenly Last Supper looks at the various ways that famous meal has been portrayed in art. The artwork is interesting and makes one wonder about our modern heroes.

Good Friday was also on Andy's mind recently. Rebirth and rejuvenation are part of our internal processes and sometimes they need a little help. We can never tell when or how our spirits will be lifted but it is nice when it happens.

Some of us live in mild climates but Winter still seems too long. When April comes we often sigh with relief. Archie Whitehall had this to say:

Easter celebrates resurrection, re-birth and new beginnings. It is the epitome of Spring. It is a celebration of nature’s decision to return the life that had died in the fall. Spring is the resurrection of flowers, leaves, crops and so forth. (source)

Residents of Moncton were sighing but it wasn't due to relief. It seems winter was trying to resurrect itself on Easter morning. I wonder if anyone tried making snowbunnies.

Bunnies made of snow aren't as good as real ones. Spring is progressing normally here in Victoria. The weather is mild and we have had some sunshine.

Bunnies are important because they bring Easter eggs. Eating the eggs is fun but first you have to find them. The important thing is to find all of them so you don't discover something 'interesting' in May or June.

My favourite Easter Eggs are the chocolate ones. I have tasted many types but I haven't found any like these ones. I don't think they are edible but they look nice.

Well, that's a little roundup of Easter posts from some of BBD listed blogs. Thanks to everyone for the interesting writing.