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Friday, February 09, 2007

Update: Submission Guidelines And Coming Events

Submission Guidelines - draft. Feedback is appreciated.

The "Submit Your Blog" page will be updated soon. Basically I am tightening up labels, adding a link to a copyright page, and working on a reciprocal links policy.


Minimum = 1. Maximum = 10. I will add 2 Admin Labels.

Labels can describe your content or your location or both.

Avoid similar or repetitive labels. For example don't list every dog breed you have or every subcategory of your hobby.

Avoid labels with more than one word if possible. The label editor prefers one label over another and this makes it difficult to apply new labels or edit old ones. With the number of labels in use BBD this can be a headache.

Blogger Labels can be searched using Technorati (for example) and that may bring traffic to BBD but that is secondary to making it easier to navigate this blog.

Reciprocal Links:

For various reasons linking back to BBD may not be possible so links are optional. As this blog grows I may have to make it mandatory. If you already link to other blog directories then please link to me.

A submission provides me with content and you with a listing and some publicity. If you link back to me you get more support such as being the subject of an article or interview.

New question for Submit Your Blog page: Do you wish your blog's site feed to be posted on BBD Blog Feeds? (This requires a link.)

"Dual" Submissions:

Your blog listing is classed a content and copyright protected. My Creative Commons licence is by -nc - nd. ND means no derivatives so anyone copying the listing cannot change it in anyway.

Suggestion: Don't copy a blog listing.

No Derivatives also means people may have similar ideas to mine but they cannot take my content and change it without permission.

Rule: If someone else starts a Blogger based directory that uses labels to categorize blogs you may not submit a listing that I have published.

If the blog owner contacts me and wants a blog removed I will remove the listing. The listing I published is still copyright protected. Go ahead and promote your blog. Just don't do it at my expense.

Coming Events:

Canadian Blogs Roundup, South African Blogs Roundup (March?), and possibly features on Photography Blogs and Blogger Hacks.