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Monday, February 19, 2007

More BBD Promotion

I listed BBD with Globe Of Blogs on Saturday and Super Blog Directory yesterday.

Globe Of Blogs

When I wanted to promote one of my group blogs (Our Photoblog) I looked at several directories. I didn't like many of the sites for various reasons. Globe Of Blogs was available and had a good reputation. I listed the blog.

I revisited GOB and the site still appealed to me. Old blogs are not removed, unless the link gets broken, but categories didn't seem full of dead blogs. Registration was easy and only required a valid email address. Furthermore, linking to the site is optional. (I linked anyway.)

Super Blog Directory

I found this site by accident when checking another directory. It looked interesting and I found myself exploring the site and the blogs listed there.

The site is well designed and looks nice. The only confusing thing is related to the 'Submit' button at the top of the page. When you decide to submit your blog and click there it says:

To submit your site, browse to the category that best fits your blog and click on the submit link.

I looked all over for another submit button. There is none. When you are in the category you wish to submit your blog to click on the SAME submit button at the top of the page. You will go to an almost identical page with a form at the bottom to fill out. This is unintuitive and needs to be fixed.

I had a problem when I finished filling out the form. I made a mistake and I had to copy the 'captcha' image again but it wouldn't reset when I hit my browser's back button. Luckily refreshing the page fixed that problem but didn't erase my work.

The basic listing is free and doesn't require a link. I added a button (Top Blogs) to my sidebar. I may change it to a text link using "Super Blog Directory".

I will update this post when BBD is listed in these directories.

More Blog Directory Reviews

I wanted to review the directories I am submitting to because visitors will see the links in my sidebar. I want people to know that the directories aren't being promoted but they are being tested.

I won't test everything and won't review sites I don't use for this blog.

For more reviews visit A Blog for Bloggers - Blog Directories Reviews. I find the blog interesting and informative.

Update: 5:12 am, Feb. 19 - Super Blog Directory has listed BBD already! Here is the link. I am pleased with the site and recommend it.
Update 2: My submission issue with Super Blog Directoy has been fixed.
Update 3: June 11/07 - I removed the link to Globe Of Blogs since BBD is still not listed. A five month wait is outrageous.