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Monday, June 11, 2007

Update: Blogs And Directories


Snippets and Blabbery has moved to a new site. Thanks to 'Blabby' for letting me know.


I added some new blog directories to the Blog Finding Resources page and removed some dead links. I will be adding some more in the near future.

I removed my sidebar link to Globe Of Blogs. I submitted a listing for BBD in February and it still hasn't been posted! A five month wait is outrageous even for big sites. It is still listed with the other directories because it's a good place to browse for blogs.

I listed BBD with Blog Catalog in April and will write up a review this month. Recently I listed my personal blog (Firemind) with Blog Catalog and Photarium too. One of the things I am interested in is comparing the referrals each blog gets from the sites.

BBD Is Changing

There are currently 102 blogs listed in Big Blog Directory. I just received two more submissions tonight that look promising.

BBD began as an experiment and is doing quite well. Sometimes little things make me pause and consider how I am doing but overall I am pleased.

Some of the oldest blogs listed (25?) don't link to BBD because it wasn't required at the time. These blogs are not included in the roundups or featured feeds. I have contacted people at various times and have gotten mixed feedback. I should have made links mandatory from the very beginning.

I have been thinking about the "60 day" rule (ie: any blog that is not updated for 60 days is delisted from BBD). After delisting some blogs awhile ago I wondered whether 60 days was too short of a period. As a blog reader, however, I don't have much time for dormant blogs. I want to read a blog that I know will be around when/if I finish the archives. I want a blogger who is around to interact with me when I comment.

With blogs being added and delisted BBD is always changing. That may be it's strength because there will always be something new for visitors.