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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Contacting Bloggers

I visited all of the South African blogs listed in BBD and invited them to participate in the SA Blog Roundup. One part of me felt good about leaving the comments in the blogs but another part felt intrusive.

I'll see how this goes and decide whether to change tactics for the next roundups. I am planning a Creative Arts Blog Roundup for mid June and a Sports Blog Roundup for sometime in July. Contact me if you want more information.

One side effect of this is that I can update some blog listings. South African Cricket Scene has changed URLs and is being updated regularly. South African Rugby hasn't been updated since March.

One thing I noticed is that BBD gets called many different things in blogrolls. I have seen "Big Blog Directory", "The Big Blog Directory", and "Big Blog Dir". Only the first name is correct but I am more interested in the link being correct.