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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Blog Updates

Keeping track of nearly 100 blogs can be daunting. I track most of the blogs in Google Reader but it still is a big job.

When a blog hasn't been updated in over two months I will delist it but save the listing as a draft. When I know it is being published again I will restore the listing. It is important to let me know you are blogging again.

somewhatsane and [La Madriguera] are dormant and the latter links to a "on hiatus" page.

A Designer's Ramblings is back and it's nice to hear from Peter again.

Camoen's Poetry and Thoughts
is now just Camoen. Check out the poetry and take the poetry poll.

You can't reason with Crazy has moved to a new site and uses WordPress now. Stop by and see how everyone is making out.