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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spam Is Spam Is Spam

Word Verification is great for automated spam but it doesn't stop people from typing in garbage.

I clean out the comments in 'Submit Your Blog' periodically. I want people to see the finished blog listings and not something that may be 'in progress'. Another reason I do it is to control comment spam.

This morning I deleted a long-winded comment that had nothing to do with blogging. As usual I checked the Blogger profile and any links to determine if the comment was spam or just misplaced. I found out he blogger had been leaving the exact same comment on forums and blogs for at least six months! He is even using the same Blogger profile.

Several bloggers mentioned the spam comment but didn't delete it. Two of them even quoted from it.

We all look for interesting things to post about and comments are fair game. We have to be careful that we don't give spammers free advertising.

The person who left the comment is a spammer. He does not care what the content of a post is. He leaves the same comment in different blogs. He is the same as the person peddling v**gra. Spam is spam.

Don't help comment spammers. Report their blogs and/or profiles. (I did.)