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Friday, March 09, 2007

Labels And Links


I moved the label widget to the footer because it is getting quite large. I am finding that most of the labels are used only once or twice. I expected this to happen. I am also starting to see spelling differences show up - for example 'humor' and 'humour'. I may have to do something about that eventually.

Overall I am pleased with the way the system is working. Enough common labels are used that readers can find groups of blogs to check out.

I have thought about requiring at least one location label. However, for many blogs, location is irrelevant. Furthermore, the bloggers who blog about their area a lot usually include location labels with their submissions.


I have been checking out various 'referrers' and 'link-showing' services. I finally chose WhoLinks2Me because it works and the results match those I have seen on other sites. I added the site to the resources section of the sidebar.

Like all referrers this one sometimes shows inappropriate sites. I am not sure what the "Recent Websites" section is all about but I can ignore it.