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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Canadian Blog Roundup #1

Canada has a dynamic and varied blogging community. As I prepared for this roundup I soon realized I couldn't cover even the major issues in one post. I hope this selection of blogs and directories will give you a glimpse of blogging in Canada, and that you find something interesting to read.



Blogging Change - is a group of political blogs. The site is a blog aggregator of member blogs. - is a new network of Canadian information blogs.

BlogsCanada - was the major Canadian blog directory up until 2005 or so. Jim Elve maintained Officially Unofficial (the house blog) and participated in the political E-Group Blog. I commented on the house blog a few times and was going to submit some of my blogs to the directory. I kept waiting, however, for it to be cleaned up. BlogsCanada seemed to come to standstill and then the house blog fell silent. The E-Group Blog was still active. Lately the house blog is showing some life and one can only hope that the directory will be renewed. - is a 'toplist' or blog ranking/popularity site for blogs from Canada.

Canadian Blogs is a blog aggregator.

Canadian Political Aggregators/Blogrolls - there are a number of them. Here is one example: Peter's Politics. There a quite a few listed in the sidebar at BC Blogs.

The Canadian Blog Exchange - is a linking/blogroll type site where bloggers participate by filing posts in relevant categories.

Canadian MetroBlogs


British Columbia

BC Bloggers is a blog aggregator and directory for British Columbians.

BC Blogs - is an aggregator and blogroll of (mostly) political blogs. The sidebar has a comprehensive collection of regional and political blog aggregators and blogrolls.

Blogs in Victoria BC - a small collection of blogs on the VicStart site,


Blog Guelph

W.E. Speak- gives the citizens of Windsor and Essex County an alternative voice - their own.

Canadian blogs listed in Big Blog Directory

Big Blog Directory

Big Blue Wave

Blind Sight is 20/20


Brian Cormier's Blogtastic World




Flotsam and Jetsam

Popped Culture

The Media Nook