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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

BBD Topics And Locations

There are now 76 blogs listed in Big Blog Directory. I decided to have a look at the labels used and see what I could find out.

I use an alphanumeric system to keep track of the blogs in the directory. The letters represent the first letter used in a blog's name. For example BBD can be found by clicking on the abc label. The most commonly used letter combos are: stu (17), abc (13), and pqr (12).

Most of the labels used are what I call content labels. They represent the topics discussed in each blog. The following list shows the topic name and the number of blogs using that label. I set the minimum at five blogs to keep the list manageable.

There is some overlap of photoblog/photography/photos set and the tech/technology set.

personal (27)
blogging (10)
local (9)
writing (8)
books (7)
photoblog (7), photography (6), photos (5)
politics (7)
music (6)
tech (6), technology (3)
culture (5)
health (5)
travel (5)

Some of the blog descriptions have location labels. These represent topics discussed in the blogs and often give an indication of where the blogger lives. I have grouped them geographically (roughly).

canada (9), british-columbia (4), victoria (4), new-brunswick (2), moncton (1), yellowknife (1)

south-africa (5), cape-town (1), gauteng (1), johannesburg (1)

usa (4), midwest (1), seattle (1), texas (1), utah (1), virginia (1)

uk (3), ireland (1), norway (1)

international (2)

china (1), japan (1), yokkaichi (1), india (1)

mexico (1)