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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Introducing BBD Blog Feeds

BBD Blog Feeds is a blog feed aggregator for Big Blog Directory. It uses the "Feed" page element to show the titles of recent posts from selected blogs.

I created the site for two reasons:

  1. BBD has many interesting blogs, and several appeal to me, but I don't have the time to visit them all. I wanted a way to quickly check the blogs.
  2. It allows me to promote the blogs that link to BBD.

Linking to BBD

Linking to BBD is optional but appreciated. By not making a link mandatory when I started BBD I was able to build up the directory faster. Bloggers benefitted by getting listed quickly and easily. BBD benefitted by having lots of new content.

Some bloggers linked to me using sidebar text links or buttons. Some have also mentioned BBD in posts. I appreciate this extra effort.

BBD Blog Feeds is a 'reward' for linking to this blog. When BBD Spotlight is introduced it may be restricted to blogs that link back to BBD. My goal isn't to create a 'two-tier' blog directory. I want people to participate a little in the promotion of their blogs.

Selecting Blogs For BBD Blog Feeds

I visited every blog listed in Big Blog Directory and looked for links to this blog. I also searched the blog posts using Blogger's 'search blog' feature (or equivalent). If I found a link I checked for a site feed. A few blogs didn't have working site feeds so I couldn't include them.

Visit BBD Blog Feeds and look around. You may find something interesting to read.