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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Featured Feed And Changes To Submissions

The new featured feed is "A designer's ramblings". Check it out and leave Peter a comment.

Submission Changes

I have been debating whether to make reciprocal links mandatory. One part of me thinks that "your submission = my content" so no other "payment' is needed. That is fine if you don't care whether your submission actually sends you traffic. I could just collect links and not worry what they are. I don't want this blog to be a dumping ground for links.

I see Big Blog Directory as a place where visitors can find interesting blogs to read. I like to promote new blogs and recognize established blogs with great content. I am not trying to get a high pagerank or anything like that.

If I list your blog I may send someone who becomes a regular reader and contributes to discussion in comments. I hope that someone visiting your blog may find their way to this one. This blog may not be what they are looking for but, then again, it might. Let your readers know you list here.

Making reciprocal links optional seemed like a good idea at the time. Most blog directories require links to their site before a blog is listed. Since starting BBD I have found many blogs that add required links but don't link here.

So far the "reward" for linking has been becoming a "featured blog". That has only been 'featured feeds" but more things will becoming. Ideally all of the blogs listed in BBD should be treated equally. I don't want a two-tiered system.

Linking in WordPress and Blogger is very easy. Normally there is no reason not to link.

Submission Changes:

1. Links to BBD are now mandatory for new listings.
2. If there is a reason your blog cannot link to BBD let me know. I will make exceptions if needed.
3. When you send in your submission tell me where I can find the link.