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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Current Labels L-Z

These are the current labels in use. These are "official". Stick to this format when submitting labels.

See also: Current Labels 0-9 And A-K and Labels.

learn-english, life-style, lightroom, local, lymphoma, lyrics

media, memories, merchandise, mexico, military, mlm, mno, movies, music, musicblog, musicvideos, my-art

narcism, national, netherlands, new-zealand, news, nhl, nordic, norway, nostalgia,

odi, online-life, opinion,

personal, pet-portraits, phoetry, photoblog, photography, photos, photoshop, podcasts, poetry, politics, portuguese, positive-promotion, posters, pro20-cricket, problems,


rawshooter, real, recipes, regional, relationships, religion, residence-life, restaurants, reviews, rugby, rumours

sa-cricket, seasons, seattle, serious, sex, shopping, short-stories, society, solutions, south-africa, spanish, spirituality, sports, super-14,

teaching, tech,technology, teen, trade, tradition, travel, tv,

uk, university, usa,

victoria, videos, vintage, virginia,

web-2.0, weblogs, weight-loss, work, writing,

yarn, yokkaichi

You are not limited to these labels but it is a good idea to use some of them. Pick a few good common words that describe your blog and then add one or two others. I allow up to ten labels but most people don't need that many.

Try to look at the labels like someone who doesn't know your blog. Ask yourself if the label would make you read the blog. Unique or odd labels can work but if a reader clicks on the label and feels misled they probably won't check out your blog.