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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Html Links Within Posts And In Blogrolls

When people asked me for the URL of my blog they sometimes asked how to create the link. I created a links page and wrote:

To link to my journal:

(a href = "")Firemind(/a) - replace the () with <>.

I then went on to explain how to link to individual posts.

I did it this way because it worked and I didn't know how to display html code in a post.

I have come across several posts showing how to display code in a post. The latest being 'Displaying code inside a post' at Beautiful Beta. A reader (Shelly) left a comment there that led me to Quick Escape - a tool which turns the html into postable characters.

Now I can show examples like this:

<a href="">Big Blog Directory</a>

Blogger makes it very easy to create sidebar links now. We don't have to paste the code into the templates but just add the URL to a link list widget.

If you would like to add a graphic link, such as a button, to your sidebar you need to use a HTML/JavaScript widget and add code like this:

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

The code will create a clickable button like this: