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Friday, January 26, 2007

Enforced Migration To New Blogger Begins

I have been using the New Blogger for some time. Other people haven't and it seems Blogger is making the final push to migrate users. You can read more about this at phydeaux3.

This isn't going to be easy for some people but in the end things will work out. Instead of supporting two blog systems and different sets of servers things will be more unified and will hopefully be more stable. With the changes happening in the last month Blogger has had some of the old issues of fluctuations and downtime which were absent before the first migration began.

Over all things are better with Blogger and I find myself having fun learning about the new capabilities and limitations. Modifying the template can be challenging but it is satisfying when you accomplish doing what you wanted. At the same time, the new widgets make it easy for new bloggers to individualize their blogs.

Blogger has always been a great tool for teaching people about blogging. These changes make that "job" even easier. The migration will be a headache for some but it is a good thing.