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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Changes And Additions

This is a summary of changes and additions to the blogs listed here at Big Blog Directory.


Shutter View has morphed into 3JobBlog and has a new location and design.

The Thoughts of Joshua Davis - the blog has moved to a new site and the blogger will inform me he wishes to relist his blog.

Milky Tea - the blogger has quit blogging.

I will keep both listings until the 60 day time limit runs out.

New Listings

After the last burst of submissions at the end of November things got quiet until Christmas. Here are all the blogs added since the last 'New Listings' post.


Philbillie's Double-Wide

Walter's Philosophical Sounding Board and numerous et cetera


Romantically Cynical

Pero Que No Hay Para Todos


Youra Blog

Gypsy Purple

RennyBA's Terella


Glad to be a Girl


[La Madriguera]

Chihuahua Tales

Adoption Tales

The Fat Chronicles