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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sidebar Links

I have added some sidebar links to useful websites and blogs. Some of the links are specific to Blogger (Blogger Buzz for example) but most of them are not.

Most of the sites are listed because they provide useful information for bloggers. For news stories one can check Google News and this may lead to a post. If you need information on a movie or a band check IMdb or allmusic. I have found all of the sites listed useful in the past.

The Canadian Blog Exchange "is a linker... with a twist - everyone participates in filing useful posts in relevant categories, and in this way a history is built up."*. It is a good place to list a Canadian blog or to find interesting blogs to read. I have gotten some blog traffic from the site.

The Blog Herald offers news related to blogs and blogging. The information can be both interesting and inspiring.

Blog Search is a useful tool for finding blogs to read. The advanced features can allow very specific searches.


I have added a separate link list for blog resources. I will list websites or blogs that provide tools specific to blogging. Visitor counters, games, and several other types of gadgets may be listed.

Google Gadgets has a number of gagets you can add to websites or blogs. I tested Google Fight and posted about it at Firemind. I added a game to my template at Braindance.