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Friday, November 03, 2006

Introducing: BBD Blog

I will be writing about blogs and blogging occasionally. I like to blog and am very interested in blogging as a hobby and as a phemomenum. Blogging here also helps the directory aspect of this site. First of all it keeps BBD current and thus fulfills one of the criteria for being listed. Secondly the information posted here will be useful to some readers.

I have been involved in many aspects of blogging and online community-building. I admin several groupblogs and I also maintained a blogger resource blog.

Here are two blogs related to blogging:

Blog Links - resources for bloggers.

The Demo Blog - a group blog where members help members learn blogging.

Some of the information in "Blog Links" will be updated and incorporated into this blog. I may revive "The Demo Blog" if a Blogger user needs help with their blog and asks to join TDB.

I just added another blog to the listing. I checked out "The fun portal" and find it interesting.

Update: I ask for a reciprocal link from the blogs I list. Should it be mandatory?