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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Blog Promotion Works!

I have been keeping an eye on visitor stats for Big Blog Directory and Braindance. Both blogs are listed in my beta-Blogger profile and may be found using Blogger's 'Next Blog' feature.


The blog was started on October 29, 2006 and mentioned in Firemind and Big Blog Directory. It was also linked to from these blogs. No other promotion was done

Statcounter shows 41 hits.

Big Blog Directory

The blog was started on October 31, 2006. I mentioned the blog in Firemind and Braindance and linked to it from each blog. I mentioned the blog in three Flickr groups: Bloggers, Photobloggers, and Educational Bloggers. I also uploaded some of the posts from the 'BBD Blog' to the Canadian Blog Exchange.

Statcounter shows 309 hits.


Both blogs were started around the same time and have been updated regularly. The promoted blog has almost 8 times as many hits as the other one.

The subject matter of each blog and the method of promotion at Flickr probably influence the stats. "Promote your blog" attracts more bloggers than "read my blog". Reading blogs is nice but most of us want our blogs to be read even more.

It would be interesting to see how much of a difference there was between two similar blogs (personal blogs for example).