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Saturday, March 03, 2007

How To Create A Guestbook In Blogger

Some bloggers may want to turn off comments but still interact with readers. Some bloggers get frustrated with off-topic comments. These bloggers could use third party guestbooks or tagboards but that isn't necessary.

The easiest way to control comments is to create a 'Genaral Comments' or 'Guestbook' post.

  1. Create a post called 'Guestbook'.
  2. Make sure comments are allowed and set the way you want.
  3. Explain what your comments policy is. (It can be as simple as: "Keep comments on-topic or post them in my 'Guestbook'.)
  4. Publish the post.
  5. Add a link to the post to the sidebar.

Note: This won't work if your blog comments are restricted to team members. In that case create a blog specifically for comments and link back to the team blog.